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Do you know the Bullet Journal method? The Bullet Journal method is a system created by Ryder Carroll that allows you to organize your to-do lists in a specific and result-oriented way, in this case learning Italian.

Well, I have created a guide based on this method that allows you to create your own learning goals (speak fluently, pass a certification exam, be able to communicate on vacation, etc.).

In addition to explaining how to create these goals and lists, I offer several activities that you can include in your daily life without having to stop doing anything. I teach you how to determine your learning style so that you can use it as a basis for fun activities that will facilitate your language learning.

In short, in this guide you will have all the tools so that you can reach your goal of speaking Italian by reinforcing your skills, recognizing them and moving to the next level.

But there is another amazing thing, the ebook is written in Italian and Spanish. That is, if you have an absolute beginner level you will have the instructions in both languages.

The guide includes two amazing materials that you will love: the first is a set of templates that you can print out to create your own bullet journal and your own Italian notebook (both of which I show you how to create in the guide). The templates range from creating goals, checklists, templates for new vocabulary, new verbs and much more. The second is the Italian learning topics guide, which is a list of all the grammar and vocabulary topics written in order and by proficiency level determined by the QCER (Common European Framework of Reference).

Can you imagine being able to reach your Italian learning goals in an efficient and effective way? With this guide, you certainly can.

In summary you will have this:

  • A guide based on the Bullet Journal method to organize your time and include daily activities that keep you connected to the language.
  • A guide to create your own goals and checklists for your tasks.
  • How to identify your learning style and, from there, choose the activities in Italian that you enjoy the most.
  • Printable templates for creating your Italian Bullet Journal and your Italian notebook
  • Guide to grammar and vocabulary topics
  • …and much more.

When you finish the book...

  • You will be able to know what your learning objectives are.
  • You will know how long it will take you to achieve them
  • You will have a huge list of activities that you can include in your daily routine.
  • Create your own checklists of activities to study and practice Italian.
  • Know what your main learning modalities are.
  • Create your own diary in Italian
  • Create your own Italian notebook
  • Know the grammar and vocabulary topics you can study in the order defined by QCER
  • You will know how you can use the law of attraction and positivism to help you speak Italian.

File characteristics:

Size of the pdf file: 3.4 MB

Number of pages: 70 pag

How much does the ebook cost?

The ebook has a cost of 10,90 USD. When you click on the buy button and are redirected to the Hotmart platform you will be able to see the value in your local store.

10,90 USD

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. I want to learn Italian, why should I buy a course that doesn’t ¬ęteach¬Ľ me Italian? The aim of this guide is not to provide you with practice material. The guide helps you transform the way you learn Italian. Learning how to organize your time to improve your Italian language learning is far more valuable than any textbook, grammar book or exercise book.
  2. Can I get the book in physical format? No, the material is in digital format. Once you have made your purchase, you will receive an email from the Hotmart payment platform to download the file.
  3. What level is the ebook suitable for? It is created for anyone who wants to learn Italian or improve it, that is to say, you can have a level 0. That is why you have the version in two languages, Italian and English.
  4. How can I buy the ebook? It’s very easy, what you have to do is click on the buy button and you will be redirected to the Hotmart sales platform, where you will see the value in your local currency or in dollars and you will be able to make the purchase with any payment method. Once this is done, you will receive instructions on how to download the eBook.
  5. Can I ask you more questions? Sure, you can write me at and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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